Tim Saternow - Painting the City’s Soul

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Elodie Balin, The Art of Watercolor Magazine, Issue 19, June-September, 2015

Exhibitionist — Artists in Residence

In Joshua Tree, BoxoPROJECTS invites artists to learn,
obsess, and make art inspired by the desert


© Kim Stringfellow Tim Saternow - Bernard Leibov's BoxoHouse Artist Residency, Joshua Tree, CA

© Kim Stringfellow Tim Saternow - Bernard Leibov's BoxoHouse Artist Residency, Joshua Tree, CA

"Leibov sits on the board of the Joshua Tree Chamber of Commerce and has become conversant in environmental and socioeconomic issues affecting the region. His four-week residency emphasizes community engagement. The selection process prioritizes “artists exploring issues of site, community, and the environment.” Residents are encouraged to hold an open house and learn as much as they can about key issues such as sustainability, water management, and the looming threat of development. 

Tim Saternow, who earned his MFA at Yale University, came to BoxoHOUSE to seek inspiration outside of the industrial landscape of New York City. In Joshua Tree, he researched extensively, attended community meetings on various topics, created sketches and studies, and held an open house to share his work, processes, and experiences."

 -Carol Cheh

Palm Springs Life Magazine, December, 2012


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Seeing New York

The Artist's Voice

Tim Saternow, Untitled, Watercolor Triptych, 40 x 78"


"I am one of thousands of painters who make New York our subject. This is a painter’s city as much for its complex and storied history, as for the generations of great painters who have tried to capture its essence. It’s the energy of so many artists wanting to make their mark here that makes New York so vital."

-Tim Saternow

Art in Context, December 25, 2012


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Area Galleries Offer Trio of Exceptional Efforts

TIm Saternow West 14th Sreet, Rain , 2010 25.75x40"


Tim Saternow has a thoroughly unsentimental gaze upon New York's gritty, rusted areas- before they're paved over, built up and improved into nonexistence. Trained as a theatre lighting and set designer, Staternow brings a cinematic style to his graphic watercolor cotyscapes-whihc, while not evoking meloncholy, still manage to bring a sense of wonder to the damages beauty of those rare unpopulated patches of land destined to be filled, sooner or later, with gleaming towers of galss

-Scott Stiffler

Chelsea Now Volume 4 Number 44,  ARTS March 2011




Tim Saternow Opens At George Billis Gallery NY


Tim Saternow is a New York-based artist whose striking urban landscape paintings of our beloved New York City are not to be missed. Saternow's works are soft yet gritty and truly beautiful.  Using watercolor,  he explores rust and Industrial environments,  often focusing on Manhattans westside,  capturing the beauty and spirit of areas before they are,  in his words, “ improved”  out of existence. I first encountered one of Saternow’s pieces at the Red Dot Art Fair during our tours of the art fairs. For me, his work stood out as a highlight of Red Dot. Tim Saternow creates some of the most beautiful watercolors I have ever seen...ever. His use of layering, depth and light make this artist’s work unparalleled!“  

-Jen Wallace

Jen Recommends, The Bare Square, March 8, 2011

New York Momments

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-Maureen Mullarkey 

At the Galleries, CITY ARTS, New York's Review of Culture July 13, 2010