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WATERCOLOR - Sensitive & Dramatic

5 Days: SEPTEMBER 30 - OCTOBER 4, 2019     9am - 12:30pm

Fee: $425
Instructor present each day
Enrollment limited to 12 students

Watercolor – Sensitive & Dramatic will concentrate on developing strong watercolor painting skills starting with bold value, strong light, correct linear perspective, and attention to powerful compositions. 

This workshop is about the process of building a watercolor painting, step-by step instruction, exploring with small value studies in pencil, the use of ‘grisaille’ to build value contrasts, light and shadow shapes, layering of local color, and ‘deconstructing’ a painting with the use of thrown water, spatters, runs and blooms.

This workshop is for students of all levels with ongoing demonstrations and individual instruction to each student.

Think drama!

All REGISTRATION Information:


OR call for registration: 212 - 247 - 4510


at the Historic Hoover Theater 1635 Park Ave, San Jose, CA 95126

WATERCOLOR - Sensitive & Dramatic

4 Days: FEBRUARY 17 - 20, 2020      9am - 4pm

Splash Dynamic will help students develop strong watercolor paintings using bold value arrangements, strong lights and darks, correct linear perspective, and attention to powerful composition in urban and architectural landscape paintings.

This is a studio painting workshop where students will concentrating on the process of developing a watercolor painting.   Beginning with a small value sketches in pencil to explore the ‘value pattern’ of sunlight and shadow of your research, we’ll explore the use of ‘grisaille’ underpainting to build value contrast, layering of local color, and ‘deconstructing’ a painting with the use of thrown water, splatters, spray bottles, and runs and blooms.

Students are required to bring a number of urban architectural research photos with a strong sense of light and shadow.

Each student will receive one-on one guidance from Tim, along with ongoing painting demonstrations and techniques.

Visit the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society’s website to sign up or for more information about the workshop, price and materials list:


Or email contact: workshops@scvws.org if you have a specific workshop question.

P.O. Box 237, Los Altos, CA 94023