Tim Saternow (and Rigby)

“I paint a moment with light and shadow, and a calmness begins.”

Watercolor artist Tim Saternow explores the streets of New York City, the High Deserts of Southern California, and the old houses of Provincetown, Mass.   As a watercolor painter Tim pays tribute to the silent histories of these places and of the lives and loves that have lived there.  

Saternow’s newest series, House Portrait/City Portrait, are paintings of specific homes in Greenwich Village, NYC, and Provincetown, Mass.

Says Saternow, “These old buildings speak to me about the longevity and power of families.   And nothing is more personalized than having a painting of the houses we love.   These houses has stories to tell.” 

Saternow, trained as a set designer in theater and film, has always used his design sensibilities to make environments to tell stories of the characters.   Not only is it important to ‘set the scene,’ but his designs also help to tell about the emotional lives of the individuals themselves.

Saternow paints large architectural landscape watercolors with a thick use of watercolor paint, playing with the tension between the illusions of depth, carefully drawn linear perspective, and an obvious play on the surface of the paper through watermarks, paint runs, blooms and spatters.   

Saternow is particularly sensitive to the emotive power of light, especially the distinct light of fall and winter creating deep shadows while playing across the faces of the old brick townhouses in New York and the clapboard of Cape Cod.

Says Saternow, “I paint a moment with light and shadow, and a calmness begins.”

Tim Saternow was awarded the 2019 Fellowship with The Clark Hulings Fund Art-Business Accelerator.